Rucki Zucki's "Gaudi-Alm" - The adventure playground in Grossarl

Guaranteed fun: The new adventure playground is a very special highlight in Grossarl!

Playground Grossarl
Playground Grossarl

The adventure playground opened in June 2010. This 4500 m² playground is open to the public and can easily be reached from the Apartmenthaus Schützenhof Schied.

It is sure to be an exciting highlight for the children with the following things to do:

  • Play area for small children with a sandbox, seesaws and mobile sunshades
  • Treehouse path, Holzhauf'n and Steinotter
  • Four exciting inns for children including a petting zoo
  • Alpine pasture with a large adventure playground
  • Go-kart racing with a traffic course
  • Crystal mine made of artificial rocks including secret passageways, caves and treasure
  • Mountain lake with raft ferries and footbridges
  • Water fountains at the mountain lake
  • Mountain stream with bridges
  • Gravel construction site for children with seesaws, waves slides and gravel

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